Upslope Brewing Company

Upslope Brewing Company

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Boulder's Newest Brewery

There we were, the new kids on the block in the shadows of greatness: the well-respected Sierra Nevada under their tents near the Oskar Blues-sponsored silent disco; Full Sail with their 200 barrel brewhouse from population 5000 Hood River, Oregon; Dogfish Head from Delaware with a full line of savory ales, and Colorado pioneer New Belgium, following their folly.

Bright-eyed and wagging our tails, we set up the booth. Not really knowing what to expect, we put ourselves out there, welcomed the curious, told our story, and walked away with a couple of medals. Befuddled when the announcements came, two of our Single Batch Series ales brought home bronze awards: Upslope Dunkelweizen in the German Wheat Ale category, and Upslope “Time of the Season” Belgian Pale Ale in the Pro Am competition. The Upslope Dunkelweizen was brewed by Upslope Head Brewer Dany Pages, and was based upon a recipe by former Upslope brewer, Yazan Karadsheh. “Time of the Season” was revealed to us through Brian Patterson, homebrewer extraordinaire, to compete in the GABF Pro Am competition.

After a day or two with our heads in the clouds, we get up early to brew, stay late to package and clean tanks, and cautiously play with the idea in the backs of our heads, that maybe someday we will be among the greats.

Cheers to all that joined us and reveled in the largest celebration of craft beer on the planet!!

Адрес: США, Боулдер , 1501 Lee Hill road, 20

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Tasting,tours and pints.wednesday-saturday 4:00-8:00 PM  Tapping our first keg of Upslope Colorado Christmas Ale in the Tap Room tonight (4:00-8:00)!

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by Upslope Brewing Who needs a dock!? Dany and Henry masterfully rig up a support for unloading a 15BBL fermenter. When you boil it down, what is a brewery really? It’s a commercial kitchen. It’s a chemistry lab. It’s a crossroads for beer enthusiasts. Most of all, though, it’s a manufacturing…

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