Cosmetic, make-up OEM & ODM

Cosmetic, make-up OEM & ODM

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 There are many high-quality cosmetics companies but not all can provide their best services to the customers.A well known Vallee de Roses brand is famous for the high standart of the natural cosmetics.

 The head office is situated in China's Park of Industrial and Science. The whole globe gives us a right to buy a wonderfull product at a price,that vip and simple clients  can isn't a luxury but a real joy to test such is one of the traded marks,that have won one of the first places in nowadays and USA standart .These are the main qualities of the company,following its these things make your output totally finished and brilliant with Vallee de Roses,buy it now!


Адрес: Китай, Гуанчжоу , Ping dong 2nd rd, No 1/ 2nd workshop, эт. 4th floor
Телефоны: +8613922251685 - Roman
Skype: top_ro

Теги: косметика, oem

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